Paul Carlin Trash the Dress

Slowly migrating my old website to here. A trash the dress session I did of one of my favorite couples in Summer of 2011, Paul and Carlin in Chicago amongst many locations. I love what I do and I’d love to share your story! Contact me at today!


Paul and Carlin commissioned me to do a trash the dress shoot for them to add to their wedding pictures. And it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day after the short rains in the morning. This Trash the Dress session was shot in 3 locations throughout Chicago the toy factory near UIC, Millennium Park, and the Financial District on LaSalle St.


Little Leighton

Almost twice a year I goto NYC and I’ve photographed this little girl. Who is she? Leighton! Half Chinese Half American And she JUST turned TWO! I met little Leighton last September when I came out there for my first fashion week. Almost every 6 months I get a chance to see how much she’s grown and I get to photograph her. I think for her age she is the most animated and lovable kid I have ever met. She’s very intelligent, happy, and just loves to be in front of the camera. Photographing her is probably the easiest and a seamless effort that I’ve ever had to do.

In hopes a modeling agency in New York will pick her up ASAP because she’s so precious and I think a face this pretty and a personality of her’s would be just perfect. If you know someone in the modeling world maybe you can share his with them!

So when I came in for fashion week this past 2012 September, Leighton’s mother and I had made arrangements to meet again for another photo shoot at the end of my week stay before I headed down to Washington D.C. This was for a photoshoot for Halloween, she wanted to put Leighton in a lady bug costume.

As soon as we stepped out of their apartment, there was a church nearby and we had sat her down on the steps of the church for me to snap a couple photographs, as soon as we did that, there was a crowd around her (Mind you this is the beginning of september), saying how adorable she was and asked to take a pictures with her! It was kind of a surreal feeling.

Anyways, so I really couldn’t decide on which pictures to post so I’m posting a lot of them! And I’d love to hear which ones were your favorites!! Please comment @


Jacqueline & Socrates Trash the Dress Punta Cana

If you haven’t met me yet, I’ll tell you that I’m completely addicted to traveling and when this beautiful couple came to me and said they would like to hire me for their destination wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, I was completely excited! They had seen my Cancun Trash the Dress / Wedding photos and so they inquired about doing a Trash the Dress while down there.

Needless to say after such an eventful weekend, the TTD was SO MUCH FUN! Jacqueline and Socrates were so fun to photograph and they stuck through the scary ocean waters. These are the type of couples I love photographing. They are fun, patient, and always down to do whatever it takes to (safely) get the shot. The people who love my work and want to work with me not because of price or how much it costs but for the shear appreciation of my hard work and dedication. These are the kind of couples that give me the drive and inspiration for being better than before. Thank you guys for being awesome!! 😀 I had so much fun in Punta Cana with you guys and I look forward to next year if you guys go back! Here are some of my selects 🙂

Also a special thank you to Ferdinand & Christie for helping me with the lighting. This wouldn’t have been possible without your help. 🙂

Please Enjoy,
Christopher Kim
Chicago Wedding & Destination Wedding Photographer

Location: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Venue: Gran Bahia Principe
Make-up/Hair Stylist: Toni Scott

Eumi & Tommy Engaged!

Shooting their engagement photos were so much fun! I watched them ride around on a tandem bicycle (well since Tommy was up front, he looked like he was doing all the pedaling 😛 ahah jp) Got chipotle and found some really cool places to shoot. I’m so glad my wedding couples are so fun and cool to work with! I look forward to October 6th!




Cancun Trash the Dress

Introducing to you Mr. Maynard & Mrs. Tiffany Bustamante!! CONGRATS!!

My first time doing a “Trash the Dress” session on my own. I was really excited to be doing this with two amazing and genuine people. Also, I was honored to be asked to cover their wedding as well in Cancun, Mexico! I was also blessed to be reunited with my UIC buddies from Aberdeen. I had such an amazing time there with you guys and with the high school sweethearts who got married! Their story shows how much “True Love Conquers All”.

The Trash the Dress Session, was shot in various locations near the Beach Palace resort and with Tiff & May’s creative idea’s, we braved the crazy ocean, took a shower, and shot in an abandoned hotel resort with barbed wire everywhere!!

Cheers to the good times

“When it comes down to it, its pretty simple.
Adventure is what you make of it.
And whether it’s the travel, the discovery, or just the feeling of letting go.
The only way we’ll ever find out… is just to get out and do it. Enjoy the ride.” -Travis Rice

With a little break in my schedule, Lindy, Paul, & I were able to make a short trip to San Diego + Los Angeles to visit w/ our friends for their birthdays. Also welcoming Megan to her new home in San Diego, leaving her friends and family behind in Chicago. If you’re reading this, Megs, I’d like to say to you that it’s not the destination, but the adventure along the way and that home is where the heart is. Enjoy every hour, minute, and second of it. Because we only live once and if we go through living life without that first leap would would be standing still. 🙂

I hope your welcoming to San Diego will not see it as the friendships you’ve left behind but to see it as a new adventure in the next chapter in your lives.

To my friends in Camarillo, who made that first leap out there, I am so thankful to hear that you guys are doing wonderful and have adjusted to the perfect 75 degree weather, all year round. I wish you the best and look forward to seeing Parker as he grows up and I hope to be a part of your lives every step of the way. I can’t believe you guys will soon have a complete nuclear family of Mom + Dad, 2 kids, 1.5 dogs (chihuahua is the .5).

Pat & Nikki thank you for the great conversation on the ride up to LA + In & Out, it was great catching up with you guys.

Happy Birthday to Rob & Ael@ Thank you for an amazing weekend with good peoples. Lake Tahoe or Big Bear next? You know I’m always up for an adventure. To the new friends I have met out there I look forward to my next time in San Diego!

Sorry for the massive amounts of pictures ahead of time. 212 images of 729 selected. Click to view larger size. Download and post as you please!!



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