Little Leighton

Almost twice a year I goto NYC and I’ve photographed this little girl. Who is she? Leighton! Half Chinese Half American And she JUST turned TWO! I met little Leighton last September when I came out there for my first fashion week. Almost every 6 months I get a chance to see how much she’s grown and I get to photograph her. I think for her age she is the most animated and lovable kid I have ever met. She’s very intelligent, happy, and just loves to be in front of the camera. Photographing her is probably the easiest and a seamless effort that I’ve ever had to do.

In hopes a modeling agency in New York will pick her up ASAP because she’s so precious and I think a face this pretty and a personality of her’s would be just perfect. If you know someone in the modeling world maybe you can share his with them!

So when I came in for fashion week this past 2012 September, Leighton’s mother and I had made arrangements to meet again for another photo shoot at the end of my week stay before I headed down to Washington D.C. This was for a photoshoot for Halloween, she wanted to put Leighton in a lady bug costume.

As soon as we stepped out of their apartment, there was a church nearby and we had sat her down on the steps of the church for me to snap a couple photographs, as soon as we did that, there was a crowd around her (Mind you this is the beginning of september), saying how adorable she was and asked to take a pictures with her! It was kind of a surreal feeling.

Anyways, so I really couldn’t decide on which pictures to post so I’m posting a lot of them! And I’d love to hear which ones were your favorites!! Please comment @


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