Day Dream – Susan & Eugene Engaged!

Hello again! It’s been a while since I’ve been back around here! But I’ve got some amazing stuff in store for you so keep checking every so often!

I had so much fun photographing Susan and Eugene out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin back in May for their engagement session! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed photographing this couple. They are so sweet, humbling, and have tons of positive energy to photograph with.

The idea we came up with was of Eugene in a “Day Dream”, meeting and being with the perfect girl. Going on dates, picnics, hanging out, finding a dog, to even a badass 007 Bond look. We even got to incorporate their beautiful dog Bbang (Bread in korean) in the mix too! The very cute ending may be incorporated or not depending if they want to use it as their reception poster.

It was fun hanging out and photographing you two! I can’t wait til your wedding!

I love my couples!!

P.S Thank you to my beautiful girlfriend, LC for assisting us! Visit her blog after!

Everyone has a story, this is theirs.


Friendsgiving 2012


As the years go by, people grow up, we get married, we have families, and some of us move away. This yearly tradition gives us the chance for our UIC friends come together to have Thanksgiving dinner potluck together. A perfect time to catch up with friends and eat amazing food.

What’s also great about this annual potluck, is that EVERYONE knows how to cook!!! Legitly. From green beans and veggies to amazing pasta’s to chicken AND pork Adobo to Turkey to even WHITE CASTLE STUFFING!! Yeah…. life doesn’t get much better than this. (There would be more pictures of the food if I wasn’t starvvvvving). Thanks Patrick for bringing that dozen of Doughnut Vault’s mouth watering donuts for dessert!! It’s amazingly sooooo good!! I’ve decided, I’ll be going to the Doughnut Vault for and sit in line to get more! Totally worth it. #nomnomnom #doughnutvault #mouthwatering

Last one in the door to do prayer was Ronald Iglesia this year. Thanks for running on Filipino time! 🙂

Big props for hosting this year RJ & Patrick, you guys deserve a round of applause!! For those unable to make it, you were truly missed!

Please Enjoy ^_^ & Don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom!

Chris Kim

Paul Carlin Trash the Dress

Slowly migrating my old website to here. A trash the dress session I did of one of my favorite couples in Summer of 2011, Paul and Carlin in Chicago amongst many locations. I love what I do and I’d love to share your story! Contact me at today!


Paul and Carlin commissioned me to do a trash the dress shoot for them to add to their wedding pictures. And it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day after the short rains in the morning. This Trash the Dress session was shot in 3 locations throughout Chicago the toy factory near UIC, Millennium Park, and the Financial District on LaSalle St.


Little Leighton

Almost twice a year I goto NYC and I’ve photographed this little girl. Who is she? Leighton! Half Chinese Half American And she JUST turned TWO! I met little Leighton last September when I came out there for my first fashion week. Almost every 6 months I get a chance to see how much she’s grown and I get to photograph her. I think for her age she is the most animated and lovable kid I have ever met. She’s very intelligent, happy, and just loves to be in front of the camera. Photographing her is probably the easiest and a seamless effort that I’ve ever had to do.

In hopes a modeling agency in New York will pick her up ASAP because she’s so precious and I think a face this pretty and a personality of her’s would be just perfect. If you know someone in the modeling world maybe you can share his with them!

So when I came in for fashion week this past 2012 September, Leighton’s mother and I had made arrangements to meet again for another photo shoot at the end of my week stay before I headed down to Washington D.C. This was for a photoshoot for Halloween, she wanted to put Leighton in a lady bug costume.

As soon as we stepped out of their apartment, there was a church nearby and we had sat her down on the steps of the church for me to snap a couple photographs, as soon as we did that, there was a crowd around her (Mind you this is the beginning of september), saying how adorable she was and asked to take a pictures with her! It was kind of a surreal feeling.

Anyways, so I really couldn’t decide on which pictures to post so I’m posting a lot of them! And I’d love to hear which ones were your favorites!! Please comment @